$10 off Retail Purchase (not yoga)

Enjoy $10.00 off any retail/merchandise purchase at Indigo.

Manduka Block

Receive One Manduka Block.

Indigo Yoga T-Shirt

Receive a signature Perkville Indigo Yoga t-shirt

Gift One Day Pass

Gift someone an Indigo day pass for unlimited classes for the day

$25 Off Retail Purchase

Enjoy $25.00 off any retail/merchandise purchase at Indigo.

Limit: 2x every 1 year(s)
Gift Points to Someone

You can give any or all of your points to anyone in our system. Minimum 1,000 points. Please see the front desk for details, and thank you for your generosity!

Gift One Passport Membership (7 days)

Gift someone unlimited classes for seven consecutive days.


Receive one yogitoes

One Month Limitless Membership

Receive one month limitless membership

Limit: 2x every 1 year(s)
Manduka PRO lite Mat

Receive one Manduka PRO lite mat

Manduka Pro Mat

Receive One Manduka Pro Mat

Choose Music for a Music & Flow Class

Collaborate with the Music and Flow team to create your own 60 minute party play list for a Friday night Music and Flow class.

Limit: 1x Maximum
Year-Long Limitless Membership

Receive a 1 year Limitless Membership

Limit: 1x Maximum