Indigo Yoga

$10 off Retail Purchase (not yoga)

Enjoy $10.00 off any retail/merchandise purchase at Indigo.

Indigo Yoga T-Shirt

Receive a signature Perkville Indigo Yoga t-shirt

One Day Pass

Receive an Indigo day pass for unlimited yoga for the day at either or both locations.

Tim Love Gift Card Discount

$100 gift card to any Tim Love restaurant for $75.

$25 Off Retail Purchase

Enjoy $25.00 off any retail/merchandise purchase at Indigo.

Limit: 2x every 1 year(s)
One Month Youth Membership

Receive a one month youth membership for unlimited yoga ages 8-17.

Limit: 1x every 1 year(s)
Upgrade Limitless to Platinum for 30 days

Receive platinum perks (mat rental,skidless towel, one buddy pass, 20% off all merchandise, bottle of water).

Gift Points to Someone

You can give any or all of your points to anyone in our system. Minimum 1,000 points. Please see the front desk for details, and thank you for your generosity!

$30 off 1-hour Private Lesson

Receive $30.00 off a private lesson scheduled with a senior teacher or teacher of your choice (if available).

EDU Workshop

Receive an EDU workshop at the Academy Location

Passport Membership (7 days)

Receive unlimited yoga for 7 consecutive days

Personal Assistant for One Class

Receive a personal assistant for one class by someone from the assisting team

Upgrade Limitless to Sapphire for 30 days

Receive sapphire perks (mat rental,skidless towel, one buddy pass, 20% off all merchandise, bottle of water and EDU classes).

One Month "Limitless" Membership

Receive one month limitless membership

Limit: 2x every 1 year(s)
Learning & Leading One Day Immersion Tuition

Join Brooke Hamblet in an immersive session that will incorporate yoga and meditation alongside specialty topics pulled from her week long sessions for a transformative experience alongside a supportive community.

Design Custom Indigo Tee

Design a limited edition Indigo Tee and get 5 for you and your friends.

Private Class for you and 10 friends

Receive a private class with you and your 10 friends with a senior teacher or teacher of your choice (based on availability).

Choose Music for a Music & Flow Class

Collaborate with the Music and Flow team to create your own 60 minute party play list for a Friday night Music and Flow class.

Limit: 1x Maximum
Year-Long Limitless Membership

Receive a 1 year Limitless Membership

Limit: 1x Maximum
Session 1: Transforming Your Practice

Spend a week taking a deep dive outside of your comfort zone and stretch your practice, and yourself! You will spend seven days refining and maximizing your practice, learning about the basic anatomy and alignment of foundational poses in the Baptiste sequence, learning a bit about “the why” of the sequence, learning the value of meditation and how a regular practice can benefit you, getting an overview of the origins of yoga and its sacred texts, and learning new modalities of communication that will help you break down the walls you put up so that you can experience true freedom in your whole way of being.

Limit: 1x Maximum